Evangelist David Whitacre as "MR FUNTASTIC" Christian Magician

I have been doing Christian Magic since 2008. I do this to have another avenue into peoples lives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have performed in countries in Africa the Netherlands and Central America. Along with numerous states on the East Coast. Thousdands of people have accepted Jesus at the end of the program over the years. That is my purpose.


The Magic Show (or program as I like to call it) consist of a light show, music, and videos to sing along with and all age appropiate with plenty of audience participation!


What I do is NOT BLACK MAGIC or anything like that. What I do is to show that there is another way which is also entertaining, to learn about God's Love for us and ways to build your Faith in Jesus Christ with a postive impact.


The program that I do is not just one trick after another. With each one of my props, I use a Bible based theme to tell a story about what the audience is seeing.


I always start out with Creation, and end up with an Invitation to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


I have found out that not only children, teenagers, but adults from all ages have FUN during the program! That is why they call me MR FUN for short. I like to say Fun stands for Faith-Unending-Nonstopping.


The most important thing to me is when I give the Invitation to accept Jesus to be saved, and people from all races, genders, and ages come forward.


If you would like for me to come to your church, church event, birthday party, graduation or for any other reason, please contact me for scheduling, or if you have any questions.


Reserve you spot for this coming spring, summer or fall event. Call: (910) 703-5847


I am an active Member in the "Fellowship of Christian Magicians"

International. My certification number is: 13752-14


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