Several years ago, the current directors of our organization decided to create Eternal Life Ministries to give everyone who is interested, the opportunity to help or serve those in need.


Helping the community grow to become a permanent part of the lives of our Vision Partners, which is built on personal relationships. 


    Hi, I am Evangelist David Whitacre and I oversee Eternal Life Ministries. I am an Ordained Minister.

My wife (Lexie) and I have been married since 1989 and our children are Brian, Jessica, and Katie.


Lexie runs our home school program for our only child still in school, Katie. The school is called Eternal Life Christian Academy. Lexie also oversees the children's area of our "Hope for the Homeless" program.


I thank the Lord for bringing me through the toughest times in my life, to be able to serve him better with those experiences today.


You see, in 1978 & 1979 I lived on and off the streets with all kinds of addictions, but it wasn't untill God delievered me and set me free from all that mess, that I could take that mess and turn it into a message of hope, and with the free gift from God of salvation!


I like to tell people don't ever give up on yourself, because God never will. God has a plan for your life if you will just alow him to put it in action and follow his lead.

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